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Client Comments:  Please note: we are very protective of our clients' privacy and for this reason, only initials are provided for each quote. However most of our clients are willing and many have offered to provide a referral for us. So if there is someone in particular that you want to speak with as a reference, chances are good that it can be arranged.

"I called every one of your references and all I can say is that they were all embarrassingly positive."  (DS/Seacliff area of San Francisco)

"Towers Construction always made us feel calm and at ease with all our construction jobs. I knew everything would be done in an orderly, dependable and safe manner. Best of all, both Thalea and Dave were informative, communicative, and fun to work with!" (DR/Forest Hill area of San Francisco)

"At every Pacific Heights party, the conversation inevitably ends up on "Contractor Horror Stories". Everyone is always so surprised that I'm still using the same contractor after 9 years." (LS/Pacific Heights area of San Francisco) (Added note: This an old quote. We are still working with this client and have been since 1996)

"I am a Chief Credit Officer at a S.F. Bay Area Bank. What do I think of when I think of Towers Construction?  Integrity, Honesty and Quality." RMJ, EVP & CCO (JR/Senior VP/Marin County Bank)

"As a family-of-four, we lived in our 1913 San Francisco Edwardian home during a 9 month remodel. Under these circumstances, our relationship with Towers was an intimate one and overall, an experience that exceeded our expectations. Every day, David and the Towers crew came to our house with:
     Experience, Expertise & Knowledge
     Focus and a strong work ethic;
    A healthy sense of humor and positive attitude;
   Clear communication; and
, not just for our family – pets included! - but also our neighbors and other professionals, trades people, etc. involved with the project. We were particularly impressed with their consideration for our home and the spaces that they worked in, leaving them spotless at the end of each day. We recommend Towers Construction, Inc. without reservation."  (LR/Inner Richmond area of San Francisco)

"I find the company to be remarkable because you are very responsible and also show a real respect for the overall quality and design of the project." (DS/Seacliff area of San Francisco)

"OK, this is big. I'm going to recommend you to my mother!"  (ER/Architect and Client in Burlingame. Mom's project was in Seacliff area of San Francisco)

Towers Construction earned my family’s trust remodeling the family home. Communication with both David and Thalea was pleasant, clear and rapid. They executed quality work within budget, on schedule. Thalea regularly updated us with detailed accounting, showing the project was on track financially. The accounting was clearly presented and professionally formatted. Correspondence and Change Proposals were similarly clear and well formatted. David was hands on, on site, every day and we found his presence a huge stress reliever. He has a positive attitude that gives confidence that the work will get done. He is enthusiastic, reliable, creative and very skilled. The Towers crew assisting David on the job take their cue from their employers' in attitude and professionalism. I would unreservedly recommend Towers Construction to anyone considering hiring a building contractor in California and I would consider you lucky to have them.  (JL/Upper Haight area of San Francisco)

"This is the fairest contract I have ever seen."  AS (Client/Attorney) (Pacific Heights area of San Francisco)

"Thank you so much for all that you do. Our home is truly beautiful, a testament to your company and tremendous business. We appreciate your time and commitment." (Note from SZ/Inner Richmond area of SF)

Our experiences with Towers Construction can be described in three words: Fast, Efficient & Clean!!"  (IC/East Bay)

"When are you going to start?"  (Menlo Park office manager when a seismic upgrade project was 50% done and ready for the second city inspection. All work was done at night above the ceilings in working offices.)

"When I think of Towers Construction, honesty and integrity are the first words that come up and as a CPA specializing in construction I couldn’t ask for more." (TC/CPA, Marin County)

"GREAT CONTRACTOR: This is a great company. He does high end work and is very professional. The owner, Dave Torres is a great contractor and a very great person to have in your home. Dave and his crew are very professional and very trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone."   3/7/08  Citysearch Review (We have no idea who posted this.)

"I have known Towers Construction for over 10 years now as one of the finest general contractors in the Bay Area. As an attorney and general contractor myself, I do not make this endorsement for very many contractors as you can imagine. Towers Construction is a unique husband and wife team and has demonstrated that they are quality conscious, reliable, highly creative and intelligent about the way they go about the work that they obviously love doing. They are responsive, timely in their duties and always seeking to deliver what I call the highest "VALUE" possible to their customers. Additionally, their background in the construction business is impressive and they will demonstrate a professionalism that few other contractors can match. I highly suggest you contact them for an initial meeting or a quote if you have a project that you want done right and want to have a pleasant experience while the project is being built. These guys don't just build - they think well, communicate well, and then build well!"  (GR, Esq., Attorney, General Contractor, RE Broker, Santa Cruz, California)

"We've moved. Come get the new key." (DS/Presidio Heights area of San Francisco)

"It's been a pleasure having you do this job. You are honest, thorough, skilled, communicative, thoughtful and proactive. You have our thanks....We appreciate you every time we sit in our new room! You can always count on us for a positive recommendation."  (Note from MG/Lake Street area of San Francisco)

Our favorite:  "If it is ok with you, we would like to pass your name along to our (neighbors/friends/relatives)"  (Too many to list)